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Cameron C. Profile Thumb

Cameron C.

2 days ago

Internet recently has been very choppy, probably from the increased amount of people staying at home and using it from Covid. Nice apartment with good features all around.

Talia B. Profile Thumb

Talia B.

7 days ago

Everyone is friendly and willing to help in the front office. I really enjoy the amenities offered, but some of the upkeep around the building is struggling.

Casandra C. Profile Thumb

Casandra C.

7 days ago

Living at Signature for the past two years has been good! We have had minimal issues and management has always been able to communicate with us well. I have enjoyed the amenities, however, since the pandemic, the amenities have been limited. One complaint I have is that there are a lot of mishaps with the fire alarm at very inconvenient times and the YMCA can have fitness classes that are very loud in the morning.

Mira V. Profile Thumb

Mira V.

7 days ago

Everyone is super nice and they all love my dog. The only complaint I would have is how unclean everyone is, while they disrespect the apartment complex and leave trash everywhere. Shoutout to the janitors that clean it up in a timely manner!

Jennifer N. Profile Thumb

Jennifer N.

8 days ago

Maintenance staff are incredibly nice! My main complaint is the fire alarm constantly going off which isn’t very fun in the middle of the night, but I think it’s gotten better.

Sofia G. Profile Thumb

Sofia G.

9 days ago

I have loved signature so far, I would have had to move home from NC State if I hadn’t signed a lease here. I would not want it any other way, everyone here is so nice!

Mackenzie M. Profile Thumb

Mackenzie M.

10 days ago

I’ve really enjoyed living in this apartment building because of all it has to offer. The gym is open 24/7 which is great because I have a crazy schedule. I enjoy the lounge and how the front desk people are always so helpful.

Claire K. Profile Thumb

Claire K.

14 days ago

Great community and great activities. Signature is a great place to live I feel at home and comfortable to live here. Free food friday is the best and so fun to attend with your roommates.

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