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Steffi G. Profile Thumb

Steffi G.

5 hours ago

I came here on Jan 3 and the experience is good so far. It's just the wall is not soundproof as there is no noise cancellation and everything could be heard from the hall which is quite annoying when living with 3 roommates especially when people talk at 2 am in the hall. Overall, I like my room.

Leila P. Profile Thumb

Leila P.

4 days ago

Just had a little trouble for move-in with friendsd, but overall, great amenities and apartments. I particularly enjoy having a gym as well as great spaces where we can meet with friends.

Anne J. Profile Thumb

Anne J.

5 days ago

It is a really nice complex but it’s always under constructions and the fire alarms are extremely annoying (and it’s been like that for more than a year so I don’t understand why it hasn’t been fixed by now).

Thank you, Anne! The building is having some repair work done throughout the hallways, but as of today, we think it will be complete by the end of the day tomorrow! We are and have been working tirelessly to solve the fire alarm issues, some went off for good reason, and a couple of times, we do not know what caused it to sound but will solve it no matter what! We are so sorry for this, as we know and understand how obnoxious it can be to you all.

Sophie C. Profile Thumb

Sophie C.

5 days ago

Really great residence, clean, safe, and with a lot of space. The lounge is great with many different game accessibles to everyone. I really recommand the residence.

Love this, Sophie!! We're happy that you are happy. As always, let us know if you need us for anything at all.

Carlos T. Profile Thumb

Carlos T.

5 days ago

Enjoying the amazing location, fun ammenities and the convenience of having a furnsihed apartment. NEighborrhs arent always great because a lot of them party and sometimes they are too loud. Otherwise everything is great. Also wish prices were a bit cheaper but you get what you pay for. OVerall good experience.

Thank you for the feedback, Carlos! You guys opinions really help us get better at things, as well as improve on things we are not so good at.

Carlie H. Profile Thumb

Carlie H.

5 days ago

I have loved living at Signature 1505 for the last two years and i cannot wait to live here again next year! There were a few bumps in the road with management companies switching over, but since Preiss has taken over and gotten acclimated it has been great. The location is perfect for all of my classes, the bedroom sizes are great (especially for student living) and i appreciate security coming through every night; it's nice knowing someone is there in case anything were to go wrong. Everyone in the leasing office is friendly and approachable and i love free food Fridays!

Thanks Carlie! We have loved having you as part of the Sig Squad for the past two years!!!

Jacqueline S. Profile Thumb

Jacqueline S.

13 days ago

So great! Only downside is it is sort of a far walk from Nelson Hall and that side of campus. Other wise I really like the apartment! Also, it is a little expensive.

Thanks for the review, Jacqueline! Let us know if we can ever help you with anything while you are here!

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