Jessica G. Profile Thumb

Jessica G.

3 days ago

The place is great! Wish they would pick up the sand bags from the hurricane last month. Office workers are not very inviting but love the free food.

Isha S. Profile Thumb

Isha S.

20 days ago

It is actually a nice place to live. The 2 things which trouble me since i moved here are power cuts and fire alarm. Also, I believe thr should be special instructions to residents here because they usually forget there are other folks living here with them in the apartment with loud noise in night.i have seen someone just took one room on rent but actually had one more person living along for forever make it worse . Since thr are actually 4 living in the apartment instead of 3 as per lease. Signature doesn’t even know about this. Overall I am ok here.

Hi Isha! Thanks so much for the feedback. We completely understand your frustrations with the power outage as well fire alarms! As much as we wish we could control the power, we can't but have been working with Duke Energy to see why it happened at the beginning of the semester! As far as the smoke alarms, they are extremely sensitive as a way to hopefully protect you all as well as the building itself. We also take illegal occupants very seriously, as we require everyone to go through the same application/screening process as you did. We will reach directly out to you for further information on that matter as we would like to solved that as quickly as possible!

Cameron P. Profile Thumb

Cameron P.

23 days ago

A lot of the amenities don't work and it's not as independent as I would like it to be. I don't think that security should come to rooms unless there is an actual noise complaint and if there really is a problem the tenant should be fined after two warnings and the police should not be called unless someone is in danger. There is no reason that someone should be getting arrested for hosting a function in their apartment. Signature should be looking to improve their tenants life not ruin them. Also Chad and Mike are awesome, props to them. They really put the team on their back as far as the staff at Signature go.

Hey Cameron, Thanks for taking our call in regards to your feedback! Assuming you are referring to what took place at the property last night...we do employ security every single night for many reasons. They are here to make sure the building is secure to help ensure you all's safety, they are here to respond to any noise complaints that come in, as well as excessive partying etc. Last night was well beyond noise, and any time an arrest is made anywhere it is due to some type of illegal activity...whatever that may be, unfortunately. We completely understand that most of which live on the property are college aged people, and we want EVERYONE to enjoy themselves while living here. We also understand that you all want to have a good time, but at the same time expect everyone to act as adults and respect everyone else living in the building. Parties are ok, but out of hand parties are not...especially when damage is caused to the property itself. we are certainly not looking to ruin anyone's lives, but to create a positive experience for everyone.

Skyler B. Profile Thumb

Skyler B.

23 days ago

I love living at signature 1505! Couldn’t ask for a better experience for my first off campus apartment. The rooms are spacious and the kitchen is beautiful.

Thanks Skyler!!

Thida L. Profile Thumb

Thida L.

23 days ago

Good maintenance and very friendly staff, but sometimes have random issues like random fire alarms and printer problems! But overall, a good place to live and convenient to because it's so close to campus.

Thanks, Thida.

Maria Julia C. Profile Thumb

Maria Julia C.

24 days ago

I love the amenities in the facility. Neighbors are nice and so is management. So far, everyone has been very efficient in helping me with any issues.

Love this! Thanks, Maria!

Jessica B. Profile Thumb

Jessica B.

24 days ago

Good experience. Some issues with ants. Close to campus but far from some things. Nice new apartment and nice pool area. The gym is okay. Mail is convenient.

Thank you for the feedback. We do have pest control out Wednesday of every week, so please call or email the office and we'll put you on the list!

Alexander F. Profile Thumb

Alexander F.

24 days ago

It's a good residence, there is almost everything you need as a student especially great amenities. There is still room for some improvement but overall very happy.

Thanks, Alexander! Please let us know what we can improve on, as we work every single day to get better at things you all don't think we are great at!

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