Madeleine A. Profile Thumb

Madeleine A.

7 hours ago

For a new building, I would expect the apartment to not have as many damages as I found it from day 1. I also wish the front desk paid better attention to new residents when first arriving. It was very rushed and intimidating. Figuring out where packages would be located was a big issue at the start and wish someone from the front desk would have told me where to expect small and large packages (especially the Parcel Pending app).

Tori G. Profile Thumb

Tori G.

9 hours ago

Signature 1505 is very trendy and the apartment/room sizes are great. Furniture and appliances are also exceeding standards. It seems like they have a slight issue with the power going out which leads to the inability to enter or exit the parking deck.

Maria T. Profile Thumb

Maria T.

12 hours ago

The people are really nice and the common rooms are great! You can for sure have a fun time with your friends at the pool and rest comfortably at the apartment. There's never coffee at the coffee room but it's an awesome place!

arle*@*.edu Profile Thumb


20 hours ago

Maintenance did actually relatively quickly when there’s were many problems in my apartment. Those working at the front desk were often confused and gave me misinformation.

Emily B. Profile Thumb

Emily B.

3 days ago

There are a lot of power outages, but I know it's not really the apartment complex's fault. The problems are usually fixed pretty fast. Everyone is also super helpful, and the support people on the website are always prompt and knowledgable.

Alex R. Profile Thumb

Alex R.

3 days ago

The move in process was okay except that they’ve an out of carts to move stuff in so I had to carry all my stuff from my car to my room. Thanks

Bradley M. Profile Thumb

Bradley M.

3 days ago

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Yukang X. Profile Thumb

Yukang X.

3 days ago

The staff is pretty good. However, the resident always out of power. So I hope that the Signature 1505 can improve its energy system. I think I will have a good experience in the future.

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